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What's new in the AIMS February release?

March 28, 2017

Understand the significant enhancements done to AIMS Analytics and Root Cause troubleshooting in Anomaly warnings.



Introducing AIMS FREE - Powerful SQL, BizTalk or Custom application monitoring free of charge

March 16, 2017

Fully working monitoring of 2 BizTalk Servers or 2 Custom Applications or 1 MS SQL Server.  Learn how to install and what's included.



Why (and how) we use AIMS to monitor our own Azure production infrastructure

December 15th 2016

We originally built AIMS to provide insight, analytics and anomaly detection focused on complex, integrated applications (BizTalk initially).  However, we needed a system to monitor our own production systems and we tried out a couple of the APM systems in the market without satisfaction.  So with the launch of the AIMS Insight & Analytics we are using AIMS to monitor our own infrastructure.  In this webinar we talk about why and how we are using AIMS for our own production infrastructure.



Webinar: Business Opportunities leveraging AIMS SDK/API's

November 10th 2016

AIMS exposes both outbound API’s and inbound API’s. Outbound API’s are used to retrieve data or information from AIMS and typically used in integration with another solution. Inbound API’s allows you to feed AIMS with any time series data and leverage the AIMS Insight & Analytics capabilities for that data. In this webinar, we'll review how you can leverage the AIMS SDK and APIs to create new business opportunities with a primary focus on the inbound API’s. 



Webinar: How to monitor End-2-End or custom applications with AIMS

October 27th 2016

The new AIMS SDK and API's opens up for users to monitor any application or system they wish on the AIMS platform. In this webinar we'll go through how to use the new SDK and APIs to create your own custom agents and plugins so you can collect all your integration monitoring on one platform, and correlate performance issues and anomalies between them.



Webinar: How to conduct a health check of your BizTalk environment

October 13th 2016

In this webinar we'll show you how to create a report on the health of your BizTalk environment. Depending on what you are interested in and who the report is for, you can report on the overall health of your environment, a specific business process, or even separate ports and orchestrations. Creating good reports on the health of your BizTalk is vital to maintaining a good line of communication between departments to see the value IT holds for the organization.


Webinar: Visualizing processes in BizTalk with AIMS

September 29th 2016

Join this webinar to see how you can use the AIMS topology to visualize your business processes in a graphical map of all systems that participate in the integration flow. View all systems from a birds eye perspective to get a complete overview of your whole integration setup, or drill down to systems and individual components to view any data collected.


Webinar: AIMS for SQL – Deeper dive into SQL Anomaly detection with AIMS 

Held September 15th 2016

With the new AIMS platform we released a new monitoring agent for the SQL Server that lets you automatically monitor your server for performance issues and errors. Join this webinar where we take a deeper dive into the new SQL agent and the 30+ parameters it monitors.




Webinar: Introducing the new AIMS Insight & Software Performance Analytics Platform

Held August 31st 2016

AIMS is no longer purely a Microsoft BizTalk monitoring tool, but a Platform that powers actionable Insight across all IT systems and applications. Hear about all the new featurs, including new agents for SQL and Windows Server.


Webinar: How to develop Business Insight and LOB reports from BizTalk in 5 Minutes

Held August 18th 2016

Learn how to customize reports that makes sense to business users – application owners - or executive management. We will also cover how to schedule reports and subscribe users beyond the IT teams to reports to help bridge the gap between IT and the business.


Webinar: From BizTalk Black Box to Complete Insight in 5 minutes

Held June 20th 2016

Learn how AIMS uses machine learning to Automate Insight into BizTalk and how Anomaly based pro-active alerts and business intelligence improves co-operation between business and technical teams.