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At AIMS we help customers automate the process of developing BizTalk Health Checks. And we go beyond the traditional scope of looking at BizTalk from a developer / operations perspective. The crucial part is how BizTalk support business processes that support revenue generation or productivity in the organization. Hence, the focus of the Health Check should always be on business processes supported and involve Line-Of-Business owners of these processes.

A Health Check of your BizTalk should take a holistic, or 360 degree view which means that you need to source “all” relevant data to capture ”unknowns”. “Unknows” are situations you are not aware of or issues that you would not normally think could happen.  Those are typically the situations that a Health Check should uncover.  A Health Check covering known situations has limited value.

Gaining access to current and historical data for a full 360 degree view is the first hurdle. And the data needs to be available for business processes / messaging patterns in BizTalk. AIMS is the only automated tool to provide that insight in the market. 

To develop a holistic / 360 degree Health Check of your BizTalk we follow 9 Steps. Depending on findings during these steps we may adjust or add tasks to further identify poor performing orchestrations, other performance problems, impact and dependencies. All the Health Checks we develop can be used by AIMS customers free on demand and they are all fully automated.


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