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“AIMS for BizTalk was easy to deploy and immediately provided us with valuable information, not only on our BizTalk, but the infrastructure and flow of our entire IT solution."

Simplice Yemelong

IT architect at Brinks France


“The ability to extract different types of information and customize alerts from AIMS, enable us to tailor our reports to provide use value on both the technical and administrative level.” 

El Ghaouty Youness

IT manager at Brinks France






“I have yet to experience a situation where AIMS has not picked up an error before me or anyone else”

“After installing AIMS, I don’t have to spend much time on BizTalk at all, as long as operations are normal. I am a lot more relaxed in my free time now, simply because I know that everything is under control” 

Baldur Knutsson
Integration/Scale Platform Owner at Össur