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The 'Intelligent Monitoring blog' name probably raises the expectations of this blog to a level that is hard to live up to, but intelligent monitoring is what we are all about.

AIMS Innovation is a software startup that was founded based on patent pending pattern recognition research. The process of commercializing the research has lead to the development of AIMS for Biztalk. AIMS for Biztalk is currently in Early Adopter phase with select Microsoft Biztalk users. 

I have learned a lot the last 6 months about monitoring and especially about intelligent monitoring and why traditional monitoring fails. I do not come from the monitoring industry, but I have certainly been managing some significant operational situations and businesses that have put me in the position to highly appreciate the value of Intelligent Monitoring. These are my key learning points from the last 6 months of working with some brilliant minds: 

1) Intelligent monitoring alerts about likely scenarios to happen based on expectations and predictions. Intelligent monitoring is proactive. Traditional monitoring alerts of events or errors that has already happened. 

2) Intelligent monitoring is easy to deploy and learns what should be expected of the application and does not require extensive customization or configuration of specific alertscenario. Intelligence is about finding what is relevant to clients with a 360 degree horizon of the Biztalk application. Relevant alerts are provided intelligently without customization.

3) Intelligent monitoring makes complex monitoring simple for the user. Intelligent monitoring enables first line support to manage monitoring, relieving 2nd and 3rd line application support of tedious routine work.

What I have seen leaves me with no doubt that traditional reactive monitoring will lose and that intelligent monitoring will win. How this will happen is tougher to predict, but I believe we may see some interesting new players arising from the opportunities that this market provides. The availability of cloud computing and its impact for barriers to entry also put smaller players or startups at a comparably better position than before. The large players including HP, BMC, CA and IBM will certainly attempt to take this market.

Personally I suspect that the innovation capability required to win in this market is lacking among the big providers and that we will see many acquisitions by the big players as a result. 

Who will drive this game, who will be the innovators and what vertical markets will see the fastest adoption? We will and all industries will benefit.


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