Partnership with Nevatech strenghtens BizTalk product proposition

Posted by Ivar Sagemo

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Oslo, Norway - April 25, 2014 - AIMS Innovation and Nevatech today announced a technology partnership under which the two leading Microsoft ISVs can complement their products to offer customers comprehensive SOA Governance and API Management solution for Microsoft BizTalk Server combined with the real time BizTalk monitoring.

"Nevatech is a well-known and well-respected provider of SOA Governance and API Management products in the BizTalk community," said Ivar Sagemo, AIMS Innovation CEO.  "AIMS for BizTalk will only add to Nevatech's stellar reputation, and their clients will certainly see less disruption and greater efficiency in their BizTalk environments where AIMS is deployed."

Nevatech CTO Andrew Slivker added, "We are excited to partner with AIMS Innovation. Customers who use AIMS for BizTalk will benefit from Nevatech Sentinet software solution with comprehensive SOA Governance tools and end-to-end real-time monitoring provided by combined products. "

AIMS for BizTalk delivers these advantages to Nevatech clients:

  • Reduces monitoring time.  AIMS for BizTalk allows Nevatech clients to focus on important issues including future growth as monitoring resources can be redeployed to other tasks.

  • Problem solving. AIMS for BizTalk dynamically determines problems and sends early warning alerts long before downtime occurs, identifying the exact location of each problem right down to the individual business process level.

  • Self-learning system.  AIMS for BizTalk learns the normal behavior of the BizTalk environments of Nevatech clients in order to become better at predicting potential problems over time. By being "self-learning," AIMS for BizTalk can help Nevatech clients to have full visibility into their business processes and to identify any potential problems while eliminating false alerts.

  • Easy and flexible install.  AIMS for BizTalk can be installed on-premise, in the client's private cloud or as SaaS.

Sentinet delivers these advantages to AIMS clients:

  • SOA Governance.  Sentinet provides BizTalk Server integration solutions with comprehensive SOA Governance and runtime API Management that help organizations to better manage their business critical services and APIs through their entire life-cycle.

  • Managed Security. Sentinet provides managed security and Access Control for BizTalk service interfaces.

  • Service-Level Agreements Management.  Sentinet offers extensive capabilities to manage, monitor and alert on Service-Level Agreements violations improving understanding and reliability of the system use and its behaviors.

  • SOA Systems Agility.  Sentinet provides BizTalk services with manages accessibility and agility to adapt for continuous changes.

About AIMS Innovation

AIMS Innovation is a provider of intelligent monitoring technology for system integration solutions such as Microsoft BizTalk. AIMS for BizTalk is an early warning system that prevents costly downtime of the Microsoft BizTalk server environment by monitoring all IT infrastructure connections. Based in Oslo, Norway, and Palo Alto, California, AIMS Innovation is a recognized Microsoft Partner and is a winner of Frost & Sullivan's Best Practices Excellence Award 2013 for Application Performance Monitoring. For more information, visit:

About Nevatech

Nevatech, a Microsoft Gold Certified ISV Partner, is an innovative provider of SOA Governance and API Management software solutions for integrated on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments. Fortune 1000 companies use Nevatech products to ensure their services and applications are connected, secured and monitored. The Nevatech Sentinet software platform provides organizations and development teams with reliable, secure and agile SOA and API solutions.



AIMS Innovation: Scott Hoffman, Director-Global Marketing; 503-412-9923.

Nevatech: Peter Marquez, Director of Business Development, 678-999-3950.

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