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 AIMS Innovation New Cloud Solution Is Up and Running in Minutes; Offers Pay-as-You-Go Pricing Model

Oslo, Norway & Palo Alto, Calif.– October 3, 2013 – Being launched today is a new SaaS version of AIMS for BizTalk that helps prevent enterprises from technology lock-in while solving the problem of licensed corporate software becoming "shelfware." AIMS for BizTalk is the industry's most intelligent monitoring solution for Microsoft's popular Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) - BizTalk.  In addition to announcing this first-of-its-kind cloud solution, AIMS Innovation also reported today that the software would be available through a unique, pay-as-you-go pricing model that can be terminated at any time. All competing products still force customers to purchase up-front licenses while typically requiring ongoing maintenance fees.

Critically important ESBs are often used to integrate siloed applications and automate business processes across an enterprise. However, companies also employ monitoring tools to alert them when ESB problems arise in order to avoid costly, disruptive downtime.  Already delivering the industry's most advanced, effective BizTalk monitoring solution, AIMS is now taking another leadership step by being the first to offer a new installation and pricing model.

"Corporate IT personnel are used to tools that take weeks or months to install, with complicated set-ups, much manual work and then the frequent need for costly maintenance," said Ivar Sagemo, CEO of AIMS Innovation.  "Although our product is already easy to install, we took this extra step of creating a cloud solution and no-risk pricing to make things easier still and further separate ourselves from the rest of the pack."

AIMS Innovation’s new SaaS pricing is subscription based and can be terminated at any time.  Users pay for a monthly subscription and can easily switch to another solution whenever they desire. The new model also enables users to get up and running in 5 minutes – with no server needed, no configuration and no further maintenance required.

"Users start getting intelligent alerts after just five minutes of installation," noted Sagemo. "Our goal is to let our product get to work as quickly, easily and inexpensively as possible so users can rapidly address the business issue that led them to the software in the first place."

This philosophy is in contrast to the notorious issue of enterprise software that never gets used due to installation complexity or changing needs. One recent poll found that U.S. companies waste $12.3 billion per year on maintenance for unused software. (*Source VentureBeat)

AIMS for BizTalk delivers considerable value to companies looking to avoid potential downtime of critical enterprise applications. With its built-in intelligence, the product leverages dynamic thresholds versus the usual approach of requiring company personnel to guesstimate what the alert threshold should be for each parameter monitored.  In addition, the product self-optimizes, meaning it learns a system's normal behaviour and modifies alerts over time, becoming more sensitive to potential problems that lead to downtime.

"Now with our new cloud pricing approach, companies can get 360-degree, automated and proactive alerts with little investment and no risk," said Sagemo.  "Clicking a button and paying by the minute is where the whole economy of software is headed and we're happy to be the first to do it in our segment."

About AIMS Innovation

AIMS Innovation is a provider of intelligent monitoring software for system integration solutions such as Microsoft BizTalk. It is an early warning system that prevents costly downtime of the Microsoft BizTalk server environment.  It is the first solution that automatically set dynamic thresholds for the normal behaviour of business processes, eliminating the need for IT administrators to determine business traffic thresholds.  AIMS Innovation's granular alert pinpoints issues right down to each individual business process through a color-coded topological graph.  Based in Oslo, Norway, and Palo Alto, California, AIMS Innovation is a recognized Microsoft Partner and is Microsoft Platform Ready for the Windows Azure Platform. AIMS Innovation recently won the 2013 Frost & Sullivan Global Customer Value Leadership Award in application performance monitoring. For more information visit:

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