AIMS Innovation Launches Multi-Tenant Capability for its Intelligent Monitoring Solution for Microsoft BizTalk

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Opens Door for Enterprise System Integrators to Increase Service Revenue 

Microsoft WPC, Houston, TX – July 8, 2013 – AIMS Innovation, a Microsoft® BizSpark® One partner, announced the first multi-tenant capability for its intelligent monitoring solution AIMS for BizTalk at the 2013 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference. This new feature helps those working with system integrations to improve productivity and efficiency by monitoring their clients’ BizTalk systems using one, Azure hosted, web-based dashboard.  By cutting down on monitoring and troubleshooting time, the solution frees up integrators to create high-value services with recurring revenue streams.

“With unplanned outages costing more than $5,000 per minute1, system integrators can no longer afford to use inefficient monitoring tools for their customers,” said Ivar Sagemo, CEO of AIMS Innovation. “AIMS Innovations’ solution virtually eliminates downtime related to integrated platforms. This saves everyone money and gives third-party consultants the time and tools to increase their revenue on higher-margin services.” 

 Benefits of Multi-Tenant Capability and Monitoring Solution

  • Decreases monitoring time. With this solution, IT administrators don’t need to log onto remote client systems or VPNs. Plus, they don’t need to determine each client’s operational threshold.

  • Minimizes downtime. It is only solution in the market today that sends early warning alerts before downtime occurs and pinpoints the problem’s exact location through a color-coded graphical interface.

  • Learns and adapts to systems’ behavior. The solution learns enterprise systems’ normal behavior and modifies alerts, so it becomes more accurate over time.

  • Easy and fast to install: The solution can be installed through Microsoft Azure cloud in five minutes or through local install without any special training.

Traditional enterprise software-monitoring tools require IT staff to select parameters to monitor and guesstimate alert thresholds. As a result, traditional tools send too many or too few alerts, making it hard for integrators to know when to take action. 

About AIMS Innovation

AIMS Innovation is a provider of intelligent monitoring technology for system integration solutions such as Microsoft BizTalk. AIMS for BizTalk is an early warning system that prevents costly downtime of the Microsoft BizTalk server environment by monitoring all IT infrastructure connections. 


Aoife Kimber: + 1 650 773 7288,

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1Channel Insider, “Unplanned IT Outages Cost More than $5,000 per Minute: Report,” May 16, 2011

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