First Proactive Monitoring Solution with Automatic Threshold Setting for Microsoft Launches

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Early Deployments of AIMS Innovation show up to 50% in IT Operational Efficiencies.  

Palo Alto, CA – June 24, 2013 – AIMS Innovation is launching a disruptive new technology to the U.S. market today.  Tailored first for system integrations based on Microsoft BizTalk, it is the first intelligent monitoring solution to dynamically determine monitoring thresholds and then, proactively send "early warnings" before problems arise that may lead to costly, disruptive downtime. This is the only technology in the market to send IT experts a graphical color-coded map pinpointing where an issue lies--right down to each individual business process.

“Enterprises are failing to monitor the most critical component in the IT architecture - the integration platform,” said Ivar Sagemo, CEO of AIMS Innovation. “AIMS Innovations’ solution will completely change the way companies monitor this critical part of enterprise infrastructure and essentially eliminate all downtime related to the integration platform.  This keeps productivity high and saves companies substantial money.” 

At the Microsoft Worldwide Partner conference in July 7-11, AIMS Innovation will also announce the first multi-tenant capability for AIMS for BizTalk.  Designed for any Microsoft partner that wants to monitor client BizTalk, it gives these consulting companies insight into client environments through a web-based dashboard without the need to log onto remote client systems or VPN’s.  Consulting companies can now build a service business with recurring revenues as well as essentially eliminate the time associated with monitoring.

AIMS Innovation’s innovative technology enables ongoing self-optimization, meaning the software learns the enterprise systems’ normal behaviour and modifies alerts over time, becoming more accurate to potential problems that can lead to downtime.  Early experience with live AIMS Innovation deployments so far in large enterprises indicates cost reductions in IT operational efficiencies alone of up to 50% representing costs savings of  $800,000 dollars annually (for a medium to large-sized enterprise with 1 billion USD in revenue.)  Additionally, estimates indicate improvements in system uptime and optimization that can easily reach up to $1 million dollars annually.  AIMS Innovation’s patent-pending technology will also apply to other integration platforms in the future.

All other competing enterprise software-monitoring tools available today require company personnel to guesstimate what alert thresholds should be for each system, a time-consuming, difficult task. In actuality, these tools often become reactive, sending warnings after the system has already broken down.  Further, static thresholds often cause too many alerts or too few alerts – which undermines the monitoring tool and creates a “cry-wolf” scenario.  However, with an easy, quick install, (5 minutes using Microsoft Azure or 2 hours with on-premise install), AIMS Innovation’s solution roams through a company's BizTalk server and learns the systems’ normal behavior, extracting the topological map and setting up alerts based on normal business cycles.  Whenever traffic or performance counters deviate from the dynamically set thresholds and satisfies the real-time proprietary algorithms, an alert is sent to relevant IT team members. 


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