AIMS Innovation announces changes to the Board of Directors

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Oslo, Norway, September 22, 2011 – AIMS Innovation, provider of proactive Microsoft Biztalk monitoring, accounces changes to the Board of Directors following completion of seed funding.

The funding process was managed by Mr. Tor Bækkelund who recently joined as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Further, Mr. Steinar Kristoffersen, inventor of the patent pending technology now joins the Board of Director.  Mr. Steinar Kristoffersen is Professor of Information Technology at Østfold University College.

Mr. Tor Bækkelund, new Chairman of the Board comments: "I am excited to take on the responsibility as the Chairman of the Board of Director at AIMS.  I am also very pleased to have the inventor, Mr. Kristoffersen, join the Board.  I strongly believe that the patent pending technology will bring great value to clients through our solutions". 

About Mr. Tor Bækkelund

Mr. Tor Bækkelund has over 20 years experience working in Energy, Security and Information Technology & Service industries with global footprint.  Mr. Bækkelund has a solid track record in growing businesses.  He currently invests in new businesses taking an active role building them to a success.  Mr. Bækkelund has previously been the CEO of Hugin Group, a successful technology company that he led through multiple transactions over the last 7 years.  Previous to the role in Hugin he served as Vice President in a high tech company in the US which was transformed to a success in a few years. Mr. Bækkelund has been a speaker at multiple conferences in the US.  He holds a M.Sc. from Norwegian University of Science & Technology - NTNU, and completed an executive education from London Business School.

About Mr. Steinar Kristoffersen
Mr. Steinar Kristoffersen has a PhD in Computing from Lancaster University.  He is Professor of Information Technology at Østfold University College, where he has been teaching Interaction Design and Mobile IT since 2007.  He is also researcher at Møreforskning Molde, where he works with applied science in logistics and IT.  He has previously been research manager at the Norwegian Computing Centre, independent consultant and entrepreneur, and spent time as a post-doc at the University of Oslo as well as researcher and research fellow at Gothenburg Business School.   Mr. Steinar Kristoffersen has published in numerous international conferences and journals in information systems, e-commerce and ubiquitous computing.

The Board of Directors will after the change consist of:

Mr. Tor Bækkelund, Chairman of the Board, representing PROG Invest

Mr. Steinar Kristoffersen, Member of the Board, Professor in Information Technology at Østfold University College

Mr. Bjarne Tvete, Member of the Board, Business Development Manager at Inven2

Mr. Odd Utgård, Member of the Board, Investment Manager at Oslo Innovation Center 

About AIMS Innovation :
AIMS Innovation is a technology software company that provides proactive monitoring solutions for organizations with complex system integrations.  Our technology originates from the internationally recognized research environment at the University of Oslo.  The solutions are based on advanced patent pending technology for real-time pattern recognition.  A typical AIMS Innovation customer has already invested heavily in integration middleware and integration projects, and needs a proactive software solution to prevent serious events that may cause system breakdown.


Tor Bækkelund                          + 47 4169 5241      

Chairman of the Board

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