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AIMS Innovation launches Early Adopter Program for AIMS for Biztalk – the game changing Application Performance Management (APM) tool for Microsoft Biztalk

Oslo, Norway, January 16, 2012 - AIMS Innovation launches Early Adopter Program for AIMS for Biztalk. AIMS for Biztalk is now available to a limited number of early adopters through a structured Early Adopter Program lasting through the first quarter of 2012.

AIMS for Biztalk will be a game changer in Application Performance Management (APM) for Microsoft Biztalk.

AIMS for Biztalk provides a number of benefits for users wherein all are based on the principle that the application is self-learning and intelligent. The two primary benefits are expected to be pro-active alertingand dynamic topological map.

Pro-active alerting

AIMS for Biztalk monitors all nodes in the Biztalk system in real-time and leverages advanced proprietary algorithms to predict future errors and performance challenges. The pro-active alerting will provide service and operations departments with valuable time to solve problems before serious incidents occur and hence prevent system downtime.

Topological map

AIMS for Biztalk automatically generates a dynamic and interactive topological map of the Biztalk application. The map shows real-time traffic and status to the most granular level with ports, orchestrations and pipelines. This provides AIMS for Biztalk users an overview which most often is missing due to incomplete or unavailable documentation. The map is automatically updated with changes implemented to the Biztalk installation and enables visualization and exact location pinpointing of errors and warnings.

Daily online demonstrations are run for those that are interested and want to learn more.


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