AIMS Innovation signs partnership agreement with Bouvet

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Oslo, Norway, April 30th 2014 - 
AIMS Innovation and Bouvet today agreed on a partnership under which the Norwegian consultancy firm will become a reseller of AIMS for BizTalk. 

AIMS is excited to work with Bouvet and their clients. As a reseller of AIMS for BizTalk, Bouvet will now be able to offer their clients the only proactive monitoring tool for BizTalk. AIMS offers these advantages to Bouvet and their clients: 

  • Reduces monitoring time.  AIMS for BizTalk allows Matricis and their clients to focus on important issues including future growth as monitoring resources can be redeployed to other tasks,
  • Problem solving. AIMS for BizTalk dynamically determines problems and sends early warning alerts long before downtime occurs, identifying the exact location of each problem right down to the individual business process level.  AIMS also allows Matricis and their clients to build custom reports where they can pinpoint the exact data they need.
  • Self-learning system.  AIMS for BizTalk learns the normal behavior of the BizTalk® environments of Matricis clients in order to become better at predicting potential problems over time. By being "self-learning," AIMS for BizTalk helps Matricis have full visibility into the business process to identify the exact problem and support their mission of delivering the best service possible to their clients.
  • Easy and flexible install.  AIMS for BizTalk can be installed on-premise, in the client’s private cloud or as SaaS.
About Bouvet

Bouvet provides services in the fields of information technology, digital communication and 

Bouvet is committed to maintaining long-term client  relationships. Bouvet’s regional model with local offices confers clear benefits in  marketing work and competitiveness. Many enterprises consider it  important that the supplier of business-critical systems has a local  presence and expertise. This also makes it easier to establish a long- term relationship and thereby acquire knowledge of the client’s  business and systems.enterprise management. Bouvet more than 1000 employees divided between 14 offices in Norway and Sweden. The company is a strategic partner for a number of enterprises,  helping them to shape digital solutions which create new business  opportunities. Clients appreciate Bouvet’s good grasp of their  operations, and a broad range of services allows it to act as a turnkey  supplier.

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