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For our new agent, AIMS v4.2 we decided to go BAM-less. This means AIMS for BizTalk is no longer dependent on fetching data from BAM in BizTalk, but is fed directly from the Windows Server. We would like to share with you how this has further enhanced AIMS' functionality.

  • The AIMS agent now starts transmitting traffic data immediately. Since the agent 
    no longer depends on BAM but connects directly to the BizTalk hosts to get this information, traffic data is instantly available.

  • AIMS installs even faster now that it is not dependent on the deployment of BAM sensors for monitoring. In addition, during redeployment, AIMS is not affected by necessary changes in BAM setup, and uninstalling the agent takes even less time now that it is not dependent on the removal of BAM sensors.
  • AIMS’ performance is now even better in large BizTalk environments (7000+ components) and high throughput environments. We have also further reduced the impact on CPU and memory.
  • Even more adaptable. Clients often test POC in a separate BizTalk test environment. This environment is subject to continuous changes and are installed and uninstalled frequently. Even in these conditions, AIMS will adapt and has no problems keeping up with any changes in the environment.

  • Less prerequisites. The new agent has less prerequisites. This means that you can deploy AIMS in your existing BizTalk environment without adding or modifying features. 

  • Support for undeploy / redeploy. On launch of v4.2 we include support for undeploy / redeploy of BizTalk applications without losing the self learning patterns. Many of you do undeploys / redeploys on a regular basis, and in earlier versions of AIMS this would have meant that all self learning patterns for those applications were lost.

  • New features. Our new agent core provides a lot more flexibility on what we can monitor, and how detailed the monitoring can be. Look out for more unique BizTalk monitoring features in the future.

  • New platforms. The new agent core also allows us to basically monitor anything running on the Windows Server OS. This will allow AIMS to continue its integration centric monitoring but broadening the scope to surrounding critical applications and solutions to cover proper end to end monitoring. Of course these new applications and solutions will have the same 5 minute install, automated setup with self-learning and proactivity.

In summary, going BAM-less has made AIMS for BizTalk even better! However, BAM independency is not the only thing that's new, why don't you check out our CEO Ivar Sagemo present all the new features in the new version.


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