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What is in the new AIMS SQL agent?

Written by Marius Storsten | Sep 12, 2016 9:00:00 AM

With the new AIMS platform you can now monitor any component participating in your integrations. AIMS will continue to deliver agents covering core integration and supportive technology like middleware, databases and cloud.

One of the new agents we now release is an agent for the Microsoft SQL Server. Microsoft SQL Server is a crucial component of a Microsoft BizTalk Server environment which we already support, and AIMS can now monitor both of these components for anomalies and how issues on one component impact the other. Microsoft SQL Server is of course used for many other purposes and also as a standalone. Our SQL agent is fully capable of automated montoring of any SQL server due to the same features as seen on our BizTalk agent; deep performance monitoring combined with self-learning of parameter behavior and automated anomaly detection.

The SQL agent monitors and presents 30+ parameters and configuration data on the SQL server. Some of them are listed below:
- Database file & log file usage
- Deadlocks
- SQL jobs
- Memory statistics
- CPU utilization
- I/O utilization
- Indexes usage statistics
- Index fragmentation
- Missing indexes
- Wait statistics
- Stored procedures statistics

All live statistics are then base-lined in multiple resolutions to be able to find "normal behavior" for all of these parameters. No need to enter manual thresholds. Based on the normal behavior patterns AIMS will be able to detect even small deviations that can impact your SQL performance and send out an early warning pinpointing the potential issue.

To support different load scenarios and setups, the SQL agent comes with a very flexible scheduling configuration of when the agent should fetch different SQL performance and configuration data.