What is Apdex and how can it apply to BizTalk?

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With the launch of AIMS for BizTalk version 4 we made several improvements to what was already the best monitoring available for Microsoft BizTalk Server.  We also extended the support for Apdex - Application Performance Index.

Apdex is an open standard developed by an alliance of companies in the Application Performance Management industry.  Its a key indicator between 0 and 1 that indicates the Health of an application, but the index is also used in various other situations.  

The purpose of the Apdex indicator is to measure performance from the business perspective instead of from a technical perspective that may not represent any business value.

The below illustration shows how it works in general.



Now, it is a bit hard to automatically apply the Apdex formula to BizTalk.  Part of the problem with Apdex is also that it uses static thresholds for the different performance levels - Unacceptable, Poor, Fair, Good and Excellent.  But we (all) know that static thresholds fail - always - as long as the what you measure has a cyclical nature.....as is the case with all businesses.  

So, we applied our own algorithms that we use for the dynamic thresholds we use for monitoring to Apdex.  The result is that we remove the issue of static thresholds and we generate Apdex based on a baseline that is the normal behavior of the application.  So, AIMS' Apdex score is an automated index between 0 and 1 that automatically indicate the health of your BizTalk or a subset of your BizTalk based on its normal behavior.

Apdex in AIMS for BizTalk is available for your whole environment or for Business Processes implemented through BizTalk



Apdex Score applied for a Busines Process

For example - the Apdex score for the PubSub process (as shown below) is 0.82




Apdex is not only useful for you to get a quick picture of the health of your BizTalk or a specific Business Process implemented through BizTalk but it is also a great tool to use to set Service Level Agreements with the business owners as to the service you deliver.  

You can also easily integrate Apdex as part of customized reports for your BizTalk or business process as outline in this blog post /news/aims-blog/customize-reports-for-tech-business-stakeholders

Get of the cave and demonstrate how you and BizTalk creates business value!


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