What exactly is intelligent monitoring?

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intelligent-grid.jpgIn our previous blog post we explained how we created AIMS due to an evident gap in the market – the lack of intelligent monitoring. But what exactly is intelligent monitoring? How does it differ from reactive or traditional monitoring?

Intelligent monitoring does not tell you that there is an error in your system that is affecting your business performance. Intelligent monitoring is proactive. It has learned the normal behaviour of your system and identified the behavioural pattern. Should your system start deviating from this pattern it will alert you that something is not as it should be, long before this deviation has caused an actual error that impacts your system. After all, you yourself can tell when your system is down, you don’t need a tool to tell you that. You need a tool that prevents this from happening at all. You shouldn’t have to tell your tool what to do, what to alert on or how your environment acts on a day-to-day basis. An intelligent monitoring tool learns this for itself and gives YOU the insight that you yourself are not capable of gaining into your environment. It is all about teaching you and making your job easier. 

It is all about teaching you and making your job easier. 

1) Intelligent monitoring alerts about likely scenarios to happen based on expectations and predictions. Intelligent monitoring is proactive. Traditional monitoring alerts of events or errors that has already happened. 

2) Intelligent monitoring is easy to deploy and learns what should be expected of the application and does not require extensive customization or configuration of specific alertscenario. Intelligence is about finding what is relevant to clients with a 360 degree horizon of the Biztalk application. Relevant alerts are provided intelligently without customization.

3) Intelligent monitoring makes complex monitoring simple for the user. Intelligent monitoring enables first line support to manage monitoring, relieving 2nd and 3rd line application support of tedious routine work.

With the upcoming release of AIMS v5 however, AIMS is transitioning from being a pure monitoring tool to being a complete insight and analytics platform

Our goal is  to simplify integration complexity by providing you with all the necessary information to keep a healthy environment and avoid system downtime and performance issues. AIMs is no longer a BizTalk monitoring tool, but a complete insight and analytics tool for your whole integration environment.


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