Webinar: How to conduct a health check of your BizTalk environment

Posted by Adam Walhout




BizTalk is all about supporting revenue generation and productivity, so understanding how your business processes are performing in BizTalk is crucial. Traditional IT environment health checks are expensive and time-consuming, and typically focus on infrastructure config, set-up, architecture, versioning – and at best very limited performance data.

With increasing complexity, vulnerability and the soaring cost (financial and reputational) of downtime, you need to do better. Your health checks should ideally be real-time and focused on the stakeholders and business processes supported.


Let's look at how to do a better health check

In this webinar we'll show you how to create a report on the health of your BizTalk environment.  Depending on what you're interested in and who the report is for, you can report on the overall health of your environment, a specific business process, or even separate ports and orchestrations. Creating good reports on the health of your BizTalk is vital to maintaining a good line of communication between departments, and to see the value IT  holds for  the organization. 




Didn't take notes? No worries.

Download our free checklist: 9    Steps to Perform a BizTalk Health Check

eGuide: 9 steps to perform a BizTalk Health Check



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