Video: Transforming BizTalk from a Black Box to an open book in 5 minutes

Posted by AIMS Innovation

BizTalk is for many organizations demanding to manage.  At the same time business requirements for additional integration projects – both internal applications and connecting business partners - explodes. The ability to efficiently deliver on integration projects and manage operations of existing integration environments is increasingly important to gain competitive advantage.

On June 23rd we held a webinar on how to transform BizTalk from a black box to having complete insight in 5 minutes. In the webinar, hosted by our CEO Ivar, and CTO Marius, we showed how AIMS uses machine learning to Automate Insight into BizTalk and how Anomaly based pro-active alerts and business intelligence improves co-operation between business and technical teams.

We also covered AIMS' upcoming release that includes support for MS SQL, Windows Server and SDK/API for custom applications and data. 

Watch till the end to hear a couple questions asked by some of the attendees at the webinar, answered by Marius.

Watch the recording of the webinar below:


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