Video: How to filter error alerts in BizTalk

Posted by AIMS Innovation

When monitoring your BizTalk environment, you want to have complete insight into its health, and pick up on any and all errors that may affect its performance, and hence the performance of your business. However, you may be receiving duplicate alerts that are not relevant to you or you are simply getting too many.  A possible problem is that these emails are creating noise and overshadow emails that alert you of errors that should not be present. That is why you should be implementing error filters that let you mute errors that don't pose a problem, and focus on the ones that do.

AIMS sends out both proactive warnings to alert you of abnormal behaviour in your BizTalk environment, and reactive alerts when there are errors that need your attention. The error filters allow you to select yourself which errors you want AIMS to inform you of.

This way, you can make sure you are only receiving error alerts that are of interest to you, and filter out any noise that might distract you during your workday. See the video below on how to set error filters.


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