The hard truths our customers need to hear

Posted by Hedda Farberg


I asked our team for a hard truth that our customers need to hear, here's what they had to say:

Ivar: That their BizTalk is becoming increasingly vulnerable as more and more business-critical processes are supported by it which have significant revenue generation.

Marius: Your BizTalk will never be stable, and when you think you are in control you should be concerned (always the pessimist this one, ref. yesterday's blog post).

Badr: Why is BizTalk perceived as a mystery box? Most users see BizTalk as a black Box that requires a lot of effort, energy and skills in order to translate the coded data into common Language (which is not necessarily true).    

The main point we try to communicate to our prospective customers is how crucial it is to have proactive monitoring of BizTalk to avoid downtime, free up your staff to focus on other, more important tasks and reduce costs.


We have written several more blog posts on WHY you need an intelligent, proactive monitoring tool:

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