Super easy 5 minute install of complete BizTalk monitoring & analytics

Posted by Marius Storsten

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To enable AIMS to monitor your BizTalk environments, you just download and install a small agent on your BizTalk servers which has the smallest footprint and performance impact possible. There is no need to enable features on your BizTalk like BAM or tracking, and each agent installs in around 5 minutes! Then AIMS will take care of the monitoring setup and configuration by itself.

Check out the video below of an actual agent deployment on a dev machine:

The agent is tested in a Microsoft testing facility in Detroit with up to 500 messages per second without detecting any performance impact. Even with this low performance impact AIMS is continuously monitoring message count, latency and message volume on all your components like ports and orchestrations and mapping the messageflow between these. Data is available instantly in AIMS so you can start analyzing data from any component, business process, host or server.

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