Release of AIMS FREE - 100% free monitoring of BizTalk, SQL or custom apps

Posted by Ivar Sagemo

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Last week we soft-launched AIMS FREE. AIMS FREE is a fully working SaaS monitoring solution and is 100% free for your organization to use in QA or production environments. AIMS FREE can be used to monitor 2 BizTalk servers or 2 Custom applications or 1 Microsoft SQL server. Further, AIMS FREE includes 24 hour data, 1 hour data resolution, reactive alerts (thresholds) and 1 user.

“AIMS FREE is more powerful than any high priced BizTalk or SQL monitoring solution in the market from any other provider”

With AIMS FREE you get:

  • No impact BizTalk or SQL monitoring
  • No dependency on performance intrusive features such as BAM or Tracking for BizTalk
  • Monitoring is pervasive, 360 degrees and always on
  • Auto-detection of your running components (BizTalk or SQL)
  • You can create dashboard and reports using Analytics
  • And if you bother reading the install guide you can be up and running in 15 minutes

Check out the video playlist below to see this in action.


  • Auto-discover your running applications, message patterns, databases : useful for documentation and to gain knowledge for your team
  • Create reports and dashboards to analyze performance problems and for reporting to other stakeholders
  • Get detailed, insightful alerts based on your configured alert scenarios
  • Cloud hosted and you can easily gain access to additional features and data sets without re-install

So, how can you get access to AIMS FREE?  AIMS FREE is made available for organizations to use in their QA or production environment.  You can easily sign-up to get access to AIMS Free by clicking the following link!




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