Proven: Tech Startup Leads to Hair Loss

Posted by Hedda Farberg


Okay, that's maybe not scientifically proven, but we'll go so far as to suggest it based on personal experiences. This week I wanted to get some input from the team to share with you. I asked them two questions: What is a lesson you learned in the last year, and what is a hard truth our customers need to hear? Today's blog post answers the first question, and tomorrow’s post will answer the second.

Ivar: That square meter hair is not constant (if you look at the “Aims Team” under “About” in the site menu you’ll get it. This also seems to be a lesson learned for some other team members). Running a tech startup might, in other words, have proven to be somewhat stressful.

Marius: Don’t celebrate too early, wait until the party really gets started (someone might have popped a few champagnes prematurely?).

Badr: That AIMS transforms BizTalk Data into business insight. As responsible for sales, Badr has especially realized the business value of AIMS and how big clients use it to gain insight into critical business processes.

Hedda: I started my job at AIMS earlier this year with no prior experience from IT, so evidently, I have learned a lot. I had never even heard of BizTalk or APM when I started here. A particular lesson I have learned lately, however, is to not get frustrated by the things you don't know but rather focus on learning and in the meantime do the things you do know.


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