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At AIMS we are increasing our pricing on AIMS for BizTalk to more accurately reflect the value users get from the tool and also to prepare for significant product releases in 2016. Make sure to make any purchases before 31 December to secure the existing prices.

We are not adjusting pricing for existing clients and their existing plans. However, the new pricing will apply to upgrades and additional purchases for existing clients after 31 December 2015.

The new SaaS pricing is effective from 1 January 2016.  On Premise installs and Azure Marketplace installs will see a corresponding price increase.


Existing prices are available on our pricing page.

 Also, remember that you can easily get a 30 Day Free Trial with a Free BizTalk health check.

Special discount: if you have a current contract for another BizTalk monitoring solution we will give you AIMS for BizTalk for the remaining contract period for free.

 We are also introducing significant discounts on environments with more than 5 BizTalk servers.

 Have any questions about this price change?  Feel free to contact us. We will get back to you quickly.



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