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NEW BizTalk agent improvements in v5

Written by Marius Storsten | Aug 17, 2016 11:00:00 AM
These days we are proudly announcing the new AIMS Insight & Software Performance Analytics Platform. In this release we mark that AIMS is no longer purely a BizTalk monitoring tool, and release two new agents; for SQL and Windows Server. However, this does not mean we won't keep developing our BizTalk agent. Hence, we have several new improvements in version 5.
  • The agent now uses HTTPS instead of WCF. This should facilitate for a much smoother install experience as most companies already allow HTTP/S through their firewalls.

  • Second, the agent is now gathering message type information for all messages which again can be used to create reports and analytics per message type. If you have ports or orchestrations that support multiple message types you can now use AIMS do drill down into each component and view the distribution between the different messages.

  • Since AIMS is now a platform that can support multiple systems, the BizTalk monitoring is split into two agents; one is monitoring the BizTalk application and the second monitors the server (CPU, memory etc). Both agents are automatically cross-correlated for anomalies.

The server monitoring agent will also be released as a standalone agent with the same core functions as seen in the BizTalk agent; self-learning and automated anomaly detection.
BizTalk information is now structured into a sidepanel, and in v5 there is a lot more BizTalk information available.
  • We have added message type views so you can easily see which components are running which message types and also the total number of messages per message type.

  • You can view alI the static and dynamic information the BizTalk agent is collecting, like BizTalk applications, different port types, orchestration ports, assemblies, adapters, pipelines and more.

  • In the Analytics section you can now chart number of messages per message type in total or per component.
We will continue to enhance our BizTalk monitoring as v5 evolves, and we highly appreciate all the feedback on features and functions from our clients.