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We released AIMS 4.4 before Christmas and the SaaS environment is already upgraded.

Version 4.4 is for us a minor release while the next release scheduled for end of Q1 will be a significant release where we open the platform to consume any data.  

AIMS 4.4 has several enhancements to pro-active alerts, the analyzer, custom alerts and topology as follows:

Several enhancements to AIMS correlated anomaly based proactive alerts:

1) 'i' icon identifies the triggering anomaly to help identify the root cause

2) Added arrows to easily identify if anomalies are positive or negative vs the normal behavior

3) Added sorting capability for all columns to ease analysis

4) Added % deviation from normal behavior to easily undestand the impact

These enhancements together with the existing capability of identifying and navigating t the "Affected group / node" will significantly improve the root cause identification and reduce trouble shooting time.



Analyzer - added image module

Based on request from clients and service providers we added ability to add any image to the dashboards and custom reports.  The "Image" module is available as a standard module in the Analyzer.


Added details and custom alerts to receive locations

You can now add custom alerts down to receive locations (previously AIMS only supported custom alerts for receive ports), and you can also see patterns and data for each individual receive location.

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Extended the customer alerts

We have added the option to add custom alerts to any server / host parameter. These are visible as "Alert Rules" on the selected server / host. For instance you can add a custom threshold to "Message delivery incoming rate" on a BizTalk host.

Added stopped components module to the Analyzer

Stopped components (ports, orchestrations, hosts) can now be highlighted by this new module. If used as a dashboard module it will immediately alert you if any BizTalk components are stopped.



As noted AIMS 4.4 is a minor release but v 4.4 delivers key enhancements requested by clients focusing on root cause analysis and even further flexibility in custom alerts and insight.

We are as always happy to receive feature and enhancement request.  Next release is AIMS 5.0 delivering inbound API, SDK and agents for Windows Server and SQL.



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