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We recently upgraded the AIMS SaaS platform with new capabilities.  This post is dedicated to Top Components which was recently released.  This post will be short and we encourage you to view the embedded video recording or test Top Components out yourself and experience the power. 

First, who has access to Top Components?  All paying customers, running trials and AIMS FREE users on our SaaS platform has access to Top ComponentsTop Components is found in the Analytics module and as is available as a widget choice when you add a new block (image below).

AIMS Top Components.png

Why did we develop Top Components?  Most often we develop functionality based on customer request.  But we also use AIMS to monitor our own production environments and Top Components comes from needs identified internally.

A key feature of AIMS is the proprietary Anomaly Detection which automates full, 360 degree, out-of-the-box monitoring WITHOUT STATIC THRESHOLDS or the need to define alerting parameters that tend to change by hour-a-day or day-a-week depending on the business cyclicality of the business process supported.  So, by default AIMS learns the normal behavior of your system (BizTalk, SQL, Windows Servers  and other data / systems connected) and creates a high resolution DNA of a few hundred to hundreds of thousands of parameters with several time resolutions.  All this is done to enable automated Anomaly detection that gives you relevant alerts and not cry-wolf alerts.

So, you may ask yourself – What if the system learns poor behavior / performance ??  Well, first of all there is a re-learn function in AIMS, but that is not always a fully good solution.  Hence, we developed (drum sticks) Top Components. 

With Top Components you can identify the top list of any parameter AIMS monitors independent of system.  So, as examples you can use Top Components to identity:

  • Top Orchestration in BizTalk by message latency
  • Top Receive ports in BizTalk by message count
  • Top Message Schema in BizTalk by (you name it.. volume, count, delay)
  • Top Host instance in BizTalk by Throttling
  • Top Stored Procedure in SQL by CPU time
  • Top Stored Procedure in SQL by (wait times)
  • Top Database in SQL by Memory

This allows you to easily get insight to identify bottlenecks or performance insight which is crucial to optimize and troubleshoot critical IT systems.

To see how Top Components is used check out the recording or test it out yourself!


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