How to monitor BizTalk with New Relic

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blog2Learn how New Relic offers monitoring of your BizTalk environment through the AIMS for BizTalk plugin.

New Relic is a software analytics company that offers complete real-time monitoring of all your web and mobile applications. New Relic shares our goal to help businesses understand their software, and the stories their data is trying to tell, to help not only developers, but business leaders gain insight from the billions of metrics their software is producing.

With the plugin from AIMS Innovation, you can now also use New Relic to monitor your BizTalk environment. This plugin means you can have a basic overview of your BizTalk environment in New Relic by collecting the following metrics:

  • Message count (total amount of messages received by the BizTalk Server for selected period)

  • Message delay (average delay in the BizTalk Server for selected period)

  • Error count (total amount of errors on the BizTalk server for selected period)

  • Warning count (total amount of pro-active warnings on the BizTalk Server for selected period)

Read more about the AIMS for BizTalk plugin for New Relic.

When you want to have a deeper look into your BizTalk environment you simply log into your AIMS account, and take advantage of all the features that it offers:

  • BizTalk performance analyzer. Chart performance and event information all the way down to ports and orchestrations for details, or create complete BizTalk environment reports covering the whole integration solution
  • Topological map. A user friendly dynamic map points out exactly where to focus your attention.
  • Business insights and reporting. Insightful business reports enables everyone in the organization to be able to understand how BizTalk supports your business processes.

  • Dashboard. The dashboard gives you an overview of all your BizTalk environments

Read more about AIMS features.

AIMS for BizTalk prevents costly downtime and performance issues by utilizing automated traffic monitoring of all your BizTalk processes and components. Unlike other Microsoft BizTalk server monitoring tools, AIMS for BizTalk alerts you before a serious problem arises, pinpointing the exact location needing attention and sending a real-time alert to relevant IT team members. What's more, AIMS for BizTalk self-optimizes, meaning the software learns your system's normal behavior and modifies alerts over time, becoming more sensitive to potential problems that lead to downtime.



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