How to Improve your BizTalk monitoring in SCOM

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Systems Center Operations Manager (SCOM) is Microsoft’s tool for monitoring the health and performance of components in a Windows environment, from servers to applications. Many organizations use SCOM as a BizTalk monitoring solution. We have previously outlined 3 pros and cons for using SCOM to monitor your BizTalk environment, but now we have the solution to how you can greatly improve your BizTalk monitoring in SCOM.

One of the challenges when using SCOM to monitor your BizTalk is that it is designed to monitor and alert on all infrastructure and applications in your environment. To monitor BizTalk with SCOM, you need experts who manually select parameters to monitor, and then set thresholds for behavior. Such static thresholds aren’t capable of keeping up with changes in your BizTalk environments, causing false alerts, or even worse, causing you to miss important alerts. This means that you get a largely reactive environment, leaving your IT department unable to prevent serious issues, only to do disaster recovery.

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What you need is intelligent, proactive monitoring, enabling you catch warnings before they become a serious issue to your servers. Intelligent monitoring installs easily and begins learning your BizTalk environment right away. As a self-learning technology, the software automatically adjusts to your organization’s behavior, setting thresholds and generating alerts on only the most relevant anomalies. These alerts pinpoint the causes of problems and allow you to resolve issues faster.

However, as SCOM is designed to monitor everything, some companies are reluctant to obtain additional software that they have to keep track of, and would prefer keeping everything on the same interface. That’s where our new AIMS management pack for SCOM comes in. We have made it easier than ever to combine the powers of SCOM and AIMS by offering you the option of accessing the information gathered from AIMS into the SCOM interface. This enables you to combine full control over all your servers and systems with complete, proactive BizTalk monitoring.





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