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The secret to intelligent monitoring your doctor wishes he had

Written by AIMS Innovation | Sep 14, 2016 10:05:59 AM

Think of your body as your integration environment. Imagine that your fingers, arms, toes, feet, torso, ears and eyes represent your different servers and applications, while your blood veins represent the data being sent between them. For the blood to circulate properly and ensure that all your limbs function as they should, your heart needs to be properly pumping and circulating the blood. Now this heart can be compared to your integration platform, for example your BizTalk Server. It ensures all the messages are communicated correctly.

If you employ SQL Server, it functions a little like your brain. It stores data, and retrieves it when you need it.

Unfortunately though, neither your heart or your brain are immune to disease. When you feel symptoms that something is not quite right in your body, you usually go to see a doctor. The doctor can give you a diagnose, or arrange for further testing based on the symptoms you describe. Most of us have at some point gone through a long process of different doctors and tests to understand what is causing our symptoms. Sometimes, it is almost impossible for the doctors to pinpoint exactly where or what the problem is, and safeguard by prescribing several medications for you to take.

What if, however, the doctor was able to pinpoint exactly what is causing your symptoms, because he possesses a real-time dynamic map of your body?

Even better, he is able to spot any abnormalities in your body before you even experience any symptoms, and can take preventitive actions so you never get sick.

Sadly, no such thing is available for the human body just yet, but it illustrates exactly how intelligent, proactive monitoring software works. We developed AIMS so your system never has to get sick and crash on you again. You get complete insight into your system and through real-time, proactive alerts you have total control at all times. 

  • Comprehensive real time monitoring of all activity in your system
  • Application discovery with pinpointing of pain location with dynamic map  
  • Patent protected technology and proprietary algorithms providing robust proactive alerts 
  • SaaS deployed and 5-minute install
  • Self-configuring  and self-learning