How to deliver BizTalk insight to business stakeholders

Posted by AIMS Innovation

The ability to efficiently deliver on integration projects and manage operations of existing integration environments is increasingly important to gain competitive advantage.

BizTalk is for many organizations demanding to manage.  At the same time business requirements for additional integration projects – both internal applications and connecting business partners – explodes.


BizTalk is seen as a black box, something only IT can understand, and largely a mystery to senior managers. Today, with the explosion of connected apps and systems that need to be integrated, BizTalk has become business-critical to the companies that use it, and any downtime can have a severe business impact. Therefore it's important that you visualize to managers the state of your BizTalk environment, and how BizTalk directly supports the various business processes.  

To create a complete visual report, you need to be able to extract a great amount of data from your environment, and be in posession of a tool that allows you to create complete graphs and charts that are easy to understand for anyone in your company.

You should also be able to customize these reports. Run frequent technical reports for your IT staff. Present weekly and monthly business intelligence reports to business managers and directors, as well as C-level decision makers.

Check out the recorded webinar on how to deliver Insight from BizTalk


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