BizTalk Health Check: Two server setup: delivery throttling and spool buildup

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 At AIMS, we offer free health checks of all our clients' BizTalk environments. How can we do this free of charge? Well, AIMS for BizTalk monitors performance in real time all the time. Based on the free trial installation we are capable of generating a significant amount of the information needed for the review. On top of the data we use internal BizTalk experts to add qualitative comments and recommendations.

Read this blog post to see what we cover in our health check reports.

Each health check we perform is customized to your company and BizTalk environment, and therefore the result of each health check is different. Some are more extensive as the environment is more complex, while other environments might be smaller and only have a few issues.

Health Check


  • Two server setup with clear weekly patterns (chart 1). No big issues detected.

  • Minor delivery throttling occuring in certain periods (level 1) due to host setup (chart 2&3). There is also a continueous buildup of the BizTalk Spool that should be attended to (chart 4). The spool has been growing through the trial period from 35K to almost 43K.

Suggestions: We recommend to look into the scaling / setup of the send host handlers, to avoid input / output rate being different and introducing throttling.

It will also be important to look into the Spool growth. Ideally the spool should be cleared once messages are done processing.


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