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At AIMS, we offer free health checks of all our clients' BizTalk environments. How can we do this free of charge? Well, AIMS for BizTalk monitors performance in real time all the time.  Based on the free trial installation we are capable of generating a significant amount of the information needed for the review. On top of the data we use internal BizTalk experts to add qualitative comments and recommendations.

Read this blog post to see what we cover in our health check reports.

This is a example from a demo environment showing how we conduct these health checks. In the coming weeks we will publish more examples.

Health check

  • Chart number 1 shows a single server setup with a lot of daily traffic and periods of high volume. Because this is a single server setup the hosts are not scaled out to multiple servers for offloading.

  • The high message count and volume introduces frequent throttling (state 4, chart 1 & 4) incidents both on publishing and delivery. This again amplifies the huge latency already present. However, memory consumption and CPU looks fine (chart 2).

  • No specific error situations (chart 3), they seem to correlate to traffic.

Our suggestions: If this traffic situation is to continue, the «process virtual» host threshold should be increased. Additional actions can be scaling out hosts for sending and processing (orchestrations), if necessary on additional servers.


Want a free health check of your BizTalk environment? Just sign up for a free trial below and you can!

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