Dumbest Tech of 2014

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By now, it goes without saying that technology is an essential part of every modern life. New tech products are often a cause for serious anticipation as a result… but every so often, even the most innovative leaders in technology manage to lay an egg. (Who could forget some of the major tech fails that 2013 brought us!)

Sometimes something just doesn’t quite speak to the masses the way its creators hoped it would. Other times, we’re all just left confused as to what the point of a given product even was. The year 2014 was definitely not without its share of major flops to be sure. Let’s take a look at some of the dumbest, least useful offerings to hit the tech world last year.

Google Glass

If there’s one name in tech that is almost always synonymous with technology that’s sure to become indispensable in record time, it’s Google. However, this was far from the case with Google Glass. This wearable computing option was hyped to Timbuktu and back for months on end. It was also marketed as the next big thing in tech – something that we’d soon be unable to live without. However, when it ultimately did become available to the general public, no one seemed to notice… or care. Google has since admitted to its failure here and has announced work on a 2.0 reboot. We’ll see if it fares any better than its predecessor.

Amazon Fire Phone

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone that doesn’t see this as one of the biggest fails in SmartPhone technology to come along in a while. It quite simply didn’t appeal to anyone, especially when there are so many viable alternatives already out there on the market. Not only were users that actually gave it a try not thrilled with the mediocre battery life, but no one liked having a phone that ceaselessly forced Amazon products on them 24/7. Amazon will try again to score a hit with its upcoming Fire Phone 2.

Samsung Smart Watch

It goes without saying that Samsung knows what it’s doing when it comes to mobile tech products. We’re not sure what happened with its recent line of wearable Smart Watches or why anyone at Samsung thought they were a good idea though. As with Google Glass, no one really noticed or cared about their release, as they didn’t bring anything to the table that people couldn’t live without.

Facebook Slingshot

In 2014, Facebook released three new apps – Rooms, Paper, and Slingshot. None of them really took off the way their creators expected, but Slingshot seemed to be especially confusing (and ultimately useless) to its would-be users. It was intended to work a bit like the popular app, Snapchat. However, the interface required users to reply with their own pictures before you actually opened the image they were originally sent. Not sure what the point of that would be or why you’d want it in your life? You’re clearly not alone.


Not actually sure whether or not you’ve heard of Jelly? Don’t worry. You’re not the only one! Jelly was a question and answer app originally created by Biz Stone, one of the co-founders of the obviously essential Twitter. However, it failed miserably at catching on, so it didn’t take long for the team behind it to abandon it and move on to bigger and better things. No one is sure yet what their current project is, but it’s thought that we’ll be hearing more about it in 2015 for sure. Let’s hope it’s more interesting than Jelly was!

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