Do you need to enable tracking for AIMS to receive enough data? And other great questions from our webinar.

Posted by Hedda Farberg

During our latest webinar (In Norwegian), which we did in collaboration with Microsoft,  Ivar received a few questions from the attendees that we thought worth sharing. A second look at the questions also allowed us to dive deeper and elaborate our answers.

Q: Are there any configuration requirements for AIMS to receive enough data? Do you need to enable tracking?

A: Firstly, feel free to have a look at the AIMS installation process.

There is no requirement for tracking to be enabled (phew, right?) We know tracking has an impact on the performance of your BizTalk, it can have as much as a 30%(!) impact on your CPU. Now, we know some of you disagree with us on this, but that's why we decided to back up our argument by testing it on two different setups. Our conclusion? ALL tracking has an impact, even the "lightweight" property tracking, which is why we recommend that you keep all tracking off unless you REALLY need it.

AIMS also does not rely on BAM to fetch data from BizTalk.  Last year AIMS became BAM independent, meaning that we now fetch data directly from the Windows Server OS. Going BAM-less means that AIMS is faster than ever, both in collecting data and install time, performance is improved and there are even less prerequisites for install. You can read the full article on why we went BAM-less here.

Q: So how do you fetch data from ports and orchestrations without enabling tracking?

A: AIMS fetches data directly from runtime.

Q: Does AIMS fetch data only from BizTalk, or does it also fetch data from sender/recipient adresses?

A: Currently, AIMS fetches data from everything in BizTalk, all the way down to single ports and orchestrations, but not from sender/recipient adresses. However, with the release of version 5 (which is right around the corner!) it will.

The release of AIMS v5 introduces the AIMS Platform which is able to monitor anything you want through our new APIs and SDK. It also introduces a brand new agent developed for monitoring the Microsoft SQL Server.

Are you interested in knowing how we provide complete insight into your BizTalk through only a 5-minute install? Why don't you register for our upcoming webinar and have the chance to ask the questions yourself!

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