Correlate your server- and application issues with the new Windows Agent

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pasted_image_at_2016_08_23_14_02.pngThe release of AIMS v5 marks the end of AIMS as a pure BizTalk monitoring tool, and marks the beginning of the AIMS platform. In this new platform, we will continuously be introducing new monitoring agents to cover all the monitoring needs in your integration environment. In the v5 release, we are already introducing two new agents, namely for SQL and Windows Server. In this blog post we’ll give you an introduction to the new agent for Windows ServerThe Microsoft Windows Server agent provides basic, automated monitoring and anomaly detection for Windows servers. You can use it as a standalone agent, but its intended use is primarily as an add-in to other application agents running on a specific server.

The reason we have gathered our agents, plugins, SDK in a platform, rather than release them separately is that your systems and applications work interdependent of each other. Connecting them is what integration is all about, and since they are all connected, your monitoring tools need to be as well. Crucial to achieving complete insight into your entire integration environment is to be able to correlate issues between applications. AIMS does exactly that.

When run in combination with other application agents, AIMS will be able to correlate application-specific issues with server issues.

That means, when using AIMS today, you are able to correlate issues between the three available agents, for BizTalk, SQL and Windows, as well as any other that are connected through using our SDK or APIs.


The following parameters are monitored by the Windows Server agent

  • Performance: CPU, memory, disk utilization, network

  • Other: Application Eventlog

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