CTO Heartburn- The BizTalk Pro Isn't Happy

Posted by Scott Hoffman

sad crying little toddler girlresizeThe day starts like most others.  You light up multiple monitors and check reports to confirm that all is well.  No disasters happened last night, so you got some decent rest.  But, an email is about to disturb your day.  One of your BizTalk folks is asking for a “few minutes.”  Whenever this happens, you know what it means.  Your BizTalk pro isn’t happy.

Later in the day, you carve a few minutes out of your schedule to meet with the unhappy pro.  As he outlines his issues, you think to yourself that you have heard this all before.  You have.  But, what choices do you have?  There is a virtual drought of BizTalk talent and anyone who is actually available is possibly suspect.

You could consider the outsource firm who has been so effective in solving every crisis you’ve had.  Maybe they could take over all BizTalk responsibilities?  But, your budget is already strained and can’t take the hit for moving in that direction.

Or, maybe you could realize that the pro is right.  BizTalk folks didn’t learn their craft so they could spend hours manually monitoring the environment.  Worse still, he is aware that internal processes are being developed on other platforms because the BizTalk platform has poor visibility within your company.

It seems to us that you are being presented with an opportunity.  If you take a little time and review AIMS for BizTalk, you’ll be surprised at how many of your problems it will solve.

First, because AIMS for BizTalk isn’t constrained by hard-coded thresholds, you only get alerts when there is actually a problem.  Your BizTalk pros won’t be bothered with false alerts based on arbitrary thresholds that have nothing to do with your systems.

You’ll also have the ability to create simple visualizations of your BizTalk operations.  This becomes key as you communicate with non-IT stakeholders.  You’ll be able to sell new integrations because you can clearly show that your BizTalk ecosystem is running well and that problems are being found and diagnosed before anyone loses any sleep.

Better still, the self-learning capabilities of AIMS for BizTalk mean that you won’t create a huge new round of false alerts as you add traffic.  AIMS for BizTalk will quickly adapt to the new loads and quietly continue monitoring when all is well.

Finally, because AIMS for BizTalk doesn’t require a capital investment, it will be much easier to find space in your budget.  You know how much harder you need to fight for every capital dollar versus minor operating expense adjustments.

And because AIMS for BizTalk will handle all of your monitoring, your BizTalk pros will be free and available to work on the projects they want instead of handling the monitoring they don’t.  You’ll spend less time in meetings like this one because your BizTalk pros will be happier.

Or, keep doing what you are doing.  One day, that request for a conversation from your BizTalk pro will be a chance for him or her to deliver a resignation letter.

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