The Low-Risk Approach To Using BizTalk For Your Business

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BizTalk expertise is costly regardless of whether those experts are part of your staff or come from an external consultant. But best-in-class monitoring for BizTalk is crucial for keeping management of this integrated systems platform affordable. If you’re working on a skinny budget, then you need your high-priced human resources focused on more business-critical tasks.

low risk biztalkIntelligent monitoring software automates the process of managing your BizTalk environment. You don’t need BizTalk specialists to oversee the software; it’s simple to install and easy to use. Intelligent monitoring software is a self-learning technology, so once installed it crawls through your organization’s systems to gain a deep understanding of acceptable behaviors. It then updates the definition of acceptable behaviors as changes are introduced into your systems. Alerts generated by the software are relevant and targeted at only those behaviors outside acceptable norms. Plus, features of the software make it easy for anyone in the organization to see exactly where problems are occurring and what components are causing the problems.

After problems are identified, you call in the BizTalk or other subject matter experts to bring about quick resolution. By using intelligent monitoring, you lessen the time these individuals spend troubleshooting and fixing broken systems.

Automated monitoring not only helps manage your BizTalk environment for you; it also allows you to become a more proactive organization. A health check component that functions with intelligent monitoring software collects data generated by your organization’s business processes that are supported by BizTalk. The software analyzes this data over a period of weeks and then creates reports containing recommended actions to take for long-term health.

For example, by looking at the overall performance of CPUs, memory, disks and networks, the software sees where better allocation of resources may improve the lifespan of these components. Better resource allocation is also the goal of looking at business cyclicality, as a better understanding of the processes occurring in your organization over a measurable period of time allows you to combat problems, such as slowdowns from overtaxed resources.

Health checks also provide you with before-and-after snapshots of your BizTalk environment, an especially useful tool when undergoing major changes or deploying upgrades to your ecosystem.

Another way to manage BizTalk more cost effectively is to consider the services of an outside consultancy. Outside consultants that employ BizTalk experts allow you to use the expertise of these specialists as needed. External consultants are also valuable resources for long-term planning. These external partners are able to step in and take into account what’s best for the system (as well as the organization) when determining the next steps for optimizing the BizTalk environment. In this strategic role, an outside consultancy develops a plan for your internal team to follow, and then ensures the people and resources are in place to see the plan through to completion.

Downtime is costly — today’s technologies let customers move faster than ever. If they can’t get what they need from your organization, when they need it, they’re quick to move on. Prevention is everything in properly managing BizTalk, and preventing downtime comes from having a great monitoring tool coupled with a great external partner.

If costs are a factor in managing your organization’s BizTalk enterprise, then it’s time to consider intelligent monitoring software, and potentially the aid of an outside partner.

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