Using Monitoring Tools To Keep BizTalk In An Optimal State

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healthy biztalk environmentMonitoring the BizTalk environment is crucial to keeping this integrated systems platform optimized. While monitoring tools are designed to act as “watchdogs” over the BizTalk environment and your organization’s business processes, they also add another level of complexity to the system. Traditional tools are often difficult to deploy, operate and fine-tune, creating even more challenges for an already overworked IT team.

Intelligent server monitoring automates the process of watching over your BizTalk environment’s performance and includes features that allow your IT team to keep the system operating at peak efficiency. Ideally, any tool for monitoring the BizTalk environment should be proactive, correlating data across the system, and using alerts and reports to warn of deviations that may impact performance. The tool should also pinpoint the components affected by anomalous behavior to allow IT to resolve issues quickly.

Monitoring tools come with dashboards that allow your IT team to visualize what’s occurring in the BizTalk environment. The software typically features some sort of topological map that illustrates all of the components in your system and allows IT to drill down into the business processes and more rapidly identify when coding errors are the root of a problem.

The software operates in real time, analyzing throughput on your information highway, flagging significant deviations from normal behaviors and then alerting relevant team members about deteriorating performance. This ability to identify precursors to downtime and provide early warning signals allows your team to react at the onset of a problem and ward off major service disruptions.

Intelligent monitoring software also optimizes performance by serving as a data analysis tool. Analyzing the overall performance of servers, hosts, business processes, ports and orchestration allows you to identify strengths and weaknesses in your systems, pinpoint potential problem areas and then reallocate resources for better efficiency.

Resource allocation is the key to optimization. Whether it is technology pieces or human capital, optimization is about aligning resources to the right place and time. More fundamentally, it’s about learning to prevent fires, which is far less costly and chaotic than fighting fires all the time.

Intelligent monitoring software is ideal for keeping flares from igniting. As a self-learning technology, the software automatically configures based on patterns detected within the BizTalk environment. It updates thresholds automatically, essentially optimizing itself by detecting cyclical changes and tailoring alerts to generate only for those anomalies deemed worthy of additional investigation.

Automated monitoring provides your organization with a competitive advantage by freeing your IT team from the tedium of manual monitoring processes. This allows them to focus on development. In addition, replacing manual monitoring with an automated solution eliminates complacency that almost inevitably arises when IT becomes frustrated trying to manage the overabundance of alerts generated by manual monitoring techniques.

Well-qualified BizTalk experts are in high demand these days, and since it’s very difficult to grow internal BizTalk experts quickly, poaching is becoming more prevalent. When faced with a shortage of these IT professionals, it’s important for organizations to keep these valued employees in the roles to which they’re best suited. In the end, the rewards for your organization are both optimal employee satisfaction and optimized system performance.

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