Why You Might Need More Than One APM Solution

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Application Performance Monitoring (APM) has gotten a lot of attention lately. A recent report from TRAC Research* says an APM solution can help a CIO:

  • Increase productivity by isolating and repairing root causes of application performance issues
  • Detect potential performance problems before they impact end-users
  • Measure the impact of application performance on business goals
  • Reduce time to market and improve user experience

And Gartner says that “the reason for the increased attention now being paid to the APM process and the tools and services supporting it does not come from IT, but from the business side of the enterprise.” (Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring, 2011)

So, it isn’t a question of whether you should implement an APM Solution—your IT and your Business Leads will want it.

The question is: Will one APM Solution will do the trick, or are you better off working with multiple APM Solutions?

If you read either report, you’ll see that there’s actually quite a strong case for working with more than one APM vendor.  It might seem like overkill, but it’s not. In truth, broad-based tools can work really well in conjunction with a niche tool like AIMS for BizTalk. That’s because it’s nearly impossible to be great at everything. And with APM, you need to be great – “good enough” is not actually good enough.

Look at some of the bigger players: While they often can, at some level, offer all the functionalities an APM solution requires, this is usually because they’ve acquired those functions rather than developed them organically. This has some drawbacks:

  • They may be really strong in one area, but lack depth in another.
  • Their APM product portfolio may not be fully integrated.
  • The disparate systems may make it difficult to deploy and maintain the portfolio holistically.
  • The implementation may be complex and time-consuming.

So, you might find that you need to have different kinds of APM tools for different purposes. In many cases, working with one company to be the strategic supplier of APM and supplementing with a niche player is the right approach.

Download this checklist and see if your BizTalk monitoring tool offers all the features you need.

*To read the TRAC Research report, click here.  


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