Pro-active monitoring based on patented technology

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AIMS Innovation provides proactive monitoring products for organizations with complex integration solutions, where system breakdown would represent huge expenses and reputation

AIMS Innovations technology is based on building models showing how processes unfolds, by interpreting messages/information as state-changing actions, and will thus be able to automatically alert when there are deviations form the model that is being compiled.

The concept has been proven, and the underlying technology protected by a pending patent. The technology can assemble usage statistics that, together with the process represented as an automaton, gives an accurate picture of how the payloads and structures are intertwined. Hereby it is possible to identify bottlenecks and incompatibilities, during run-time, without having to analyze the source code and configuration settings of each integration element manually.

AIMS technology monitors and analyze communication to prevent system crash

The patent pending technology significantly decreases the risk of downtime for systems using a central hub or an integration platform, to integrate different applications both within the company and externally with their vendor Network and partners around the world. The majority of medium to large companies uses central integration platforms in their IT backbone system.

AIMS is a state-of-the-art monitoring technology that can predict system breakdown. Available monitoring systems today only give a current status report and reactive alerting, and are not able to predict future system problems. The solution is a one-of-a-kind in its category.

Complex system-integrations are often managed using a centralized hub that drives the information flow between the systems. Our product is easily installed in parallel to such systems and will give companies a unique ability to avoid very costly downtime and thereby significantly reduce business risk.


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