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Announcing AIMS Insight & Software Performance Analytics Platform

Written by Ivar Sagemo | Aug 11, 2016 12:00:00 PM

Today we are proudly announcing the release of the AIMS Insight & Software Performance Analytics Platform. With this release we mark that AIMS is no longer purely a Microsoft BizTalk monitoring tool, but a Platform that powers actionable Insight across all IT systems and applications.

The AIMS Platform is developed based on challenges identified from discussions with existing customers across Healthcare, Financial Services, Retail and Supply Chain. The common issue we hear is that their environments are getting more complex and vulnerable and that they need a holistic view that identifies performance correlation and root cause across their value chain.

So, we did just that.

AIMS’ Insight & Software Performance Analytics Platform uses Machine Learning to Automate Insight & Analytics and to provide Anomaly Detection to realize “pro-activity mode”.
The AIMS platform is targeted towards business with complex, vulnerable and real-time IT systems and delivers key capabilities that drive business value:

  • Machine learning for discovery and anomaly detection
  • Microsoft BizTalk agent
  • Microsoft SQL agent
  • Windows Server agent
  • SDK / API’s that supports custom agents and data
  • Holistic anomaly detection and correlation across all performance parameters
  • Analytics capability to provide default and custom reports & dashboards
  • Plugins that let you consume AIMS data into your other corporate tools
The Insight & Analytics capability is developed to help people across organizations easily access critical insight relevant to each specific role and responsibility:
  • Developers: auto-discovery of message flows and performance latency with root cause capability
  • Operations: automate tedious tasks and use anomaly based pro-active alerts to prevent or quickly escalate
  • IT Managers: understand what is going on without relying on individuals and manual tasks
  • Executive leaders: gain business insight directly from the IT systems

Menu in AIMS v5

Analytics in AIMS v5

The AIMS Insight & Analytics Platform will be Generally Available from Monday 15th of August for new installs. Existing SaaS customers will get access within the next couple of weeks.

With the release of the AIMS Platform we are adding a number of major new capabilities (and a lot of smaller) to be covered in separate blog posts to come:

  • New Environment overview providing a full overview of your eco-system
  • New BizTalk capabilities including message type reporting and more BizTalk information
  • Auto-healing ability across systems
  • JSON / Swagger documented inbound and outbound API’s
  • Custom agents that allows you to feed AIMS with any data
  • Analytics (reports & dashboards) supporting data from any connected system
  • New Microsoft SQL agent leveraging machine learning for anomaly detection
  • New Microsoft Windows server also using machine learning for anomaly detection
  • Cross-correlation of anomalies across systems to identify root cause and impact
  • New Events tab presenting events from all connected systems and AIMS proprietary anomalies

Throughout 2016 (and beyond) we will continue developing the AIMS platform, releasing new platform features and adding new supported systems and plugins focused on the systems supporting critical business processes.  

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Also, watch a video where we present the new platform here.

Thank you for reading and feel free to e-mail me at ivar.sagemo(at) with any questions, comments or needs!