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Here is my list for some of this week's interesting stories/news from the tech/software world.

The evolution of APM - Dynatrace
Interesting article for all APM enthusiasts


Video: Microservices and the Cloud-based Future of Integration by Charles Young - Integration User Group
"The software integration market is heating up with dozens of new cloud-based vendors and a sea-change in customer expectations. What does this mean for traditional Enterprise Application Integration? What do modern integration tools give us and where is this all heading. The answer is cloud-based microservices PaaS, and Microsoft is leading the charge forward. What are microservices, what is the next-generation Azure PaaS platform all about and how will this transform the world of application and service integration in the future?"

32 New Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10 - How-to-Geek

One of the biggest stories this week, which you've probably heard is Google's reorganization, creating the new parent company, Alphabet. However, the domain was already taken by BMW, leaving Alphabet to create Humorously it seems that someone who might be located at Microsoft's offices, have created the site which redirects you to the Microsoft search engine Bing.


How not to PR By Tinder - Techcrunch
As a marketer, I had to include this week’s story about Tinder’s Twitter rant. There are many articles out there on the story, and Adweek wrote that the whole thing seems to have been a planned PR stunt. Was it successful however?



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