AIMS v4.2: New features and future development of AIMS software

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Read about the new features in AIMS v4.2 and how it lays the foundation for the future development of AIMS software.

No more BAM dependency

In version 4.2 we went BAM-less. This means that AIMS for BizTalk no longer fetches data from BAM in BizTalk, but directly from the Windows server. For users, this has several benefits, such as an even shorter install time and even less impact on CPU and memory. To see more closely how the new BAM independency has enhanced the new version, read the blog post Why we went BAM-less.

No more BAM reliance also means that we are one step closer to our platform initiative. The new agent architecture means that AIMS will soon be able to monitor any application running on the Windows Server OS, such as Sharepoint, SQL Server or additional integration platforms. Furthermore, it will eventually be able to monitor the general Windows OS server.

Essentially, this means that at AIMS we are expanding our horizon to not only deliver a comprehensive BizTalk monitoring tool, but a complete monitoring software for use on any Windows application.

New analyzer charts & functionality

One of the main characteristics of AIMS for BizTalk is that its area of use stretches beyond the IT department. It provides valuable business insight and generates reports that allow anyone in your business to understand the functionality of your BizTalk. This opens up for better communication and understanding between the IT department and business managers, bringing with it several benefits for your company.

We recognize how important this feature is for companies and are adding additional analytics and report features. We have added various charting options, custom naming of artefacts, new time range settings and multi-environment support within chart settings.

Support for undeploy/redeploy

Version 4.2 retains all statistics when undeploying and redeploying applications. This means that you don't have to worry about losing normal behavior patterns when undeploying and redeploying applications. 


See our CEO Ivar Sagemo present an overview of the new features of AIMS v4.2 in our new video library. We are also publishing additional in-depth videos on each new feature.


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