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AIMS Talks is an informal event hosted by AIMS Innovation for the first time on 23 November this year. The event took place in Oslo University's Oslo Science Park (Forskningsparken in Norwegian), an inspiring location and the birthplace of the great concepts on which AIMS was built. We welcomed over 40 attendees and 4 speakers from three different countries!

In this first edition of AIMS Talks, we invited industry experts to discuss how IT teams and leaders can put AI to work in practice – with concrete payoffs to their hybrid integration strategy.

Here's a session-by-session recap of the event, along the the slide decks for each.


The challenges of monitoring an integration solution today

Steef-Jan Wiggers – Microsoft Azure MVP, blogger, writer & speaker


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Steef-Jan spoke about Microsoft Enterprise Integration; from everything on-premise, or a hybrid mix between cloud and on-premise, to a complete cloud based environment with no solutions on-premise.

We can use LogicApps as connectors to the cloud, allowing us to create the hybrid and cloud based environments.

  • IaaS solutions offers 24/7 availability and it is just as secure as an on-premise scenario. Going to the cloud will reduce Total Cost of Ownership and could be a great strategy going forward.
  • A hybrid solution could offer flexibility, and an agile setup. Your company is innovating and will be future proof by doing so.
  • Serverless integration offers lower costs, and less devops. You can instantly scale your company environment and increase business value.

Challenges you can run into while using this new technology include monitoring, networking and security. Companies will have to investigate the different options for networking, to fit their unique business requirements. For security governance, identity, access keys and firewalls are some of the important topics.

Monitoring is very important in every scenario, to make sure you run a healthy environment.



The Optimal Life: Can math help us optimize our business and life?

Alessandra Cagnazzo, PhD Physics and AIMS Data Scientist


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Alessandra spoke about optimization. According to Wikipedia: In the simplest case, an optimization problem consists of maximizing or minimizing a real function by systematically choosing input values from within an allowed set and computing the value of the function.

Data scientists have no idea what is behind the data. They will need to find out why the data is behaving the way it does. Real data is messy, but being able to interpreted the data is an enormous value to your company. The way to go is always minimizing the data. AIMS will do this for you using machine learning technologies.

Minimizing maximizes your business!


Intelligent integrations with Azure, Logic Apps and BizTalk

Ricardo Torre, Founder & CTO of BizTastic


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Ricardo explained to us how to start implementing AI in integration and have it work with both BizTalk an Logic Apps. You can start by using the Azure Machine Learning Studio, a fully integrated, drag and drop GUI interface.

So, where in my integrations could I use Machine Learning?

  • Operational: the need to know why operations are performing how they do. You can also use Machine Learning for anomaly detection and preemptive operational actions.
  • Business: a company might need to know how the orders are doing, and if there is any abnormal behavior.

Ricardo provided us with a demo on detecting anomalies in BizTalk tracking data, showing how easy it is to apply machine learning on a dataset. To apply machine learning to Logic Apps operational data, you can use the tracking data generated by the logic apps. Using Logic Apps, you can automate data collection and ingestion.

In the second demo, Ricardo used a high level of machine learning: cognitive services. It contains intelligent algorithms to see, hear, speak, understand and interpreted natural communication, and to search.


AIMS technology and uniqueness

Eva De Jong, Technical Writer & Integration Specialist


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Eva provided the audience with a quick demo of AIMS, by showing how to solve common issues companies have with monitoring today and how easy it is to solve these problems using AIMS anomaly detection. AIMS provides a detailed anomaly page, showing the status, where the deviation occurred and at what time.

Eva quickly navigated trough the different options and figured out the cause of the anomaly in only 5 minutes thanks to AIMS anomaly detection and machine learning capabilities.


Panel discussion: "Hybrid integration + AI = Clear skies ahead?"

Moderated by Børge Hansen and with panelists Steef-Jan Wiggers, Alessandra Cagnazzo, Eva De Jong, Ricardo Torre and Ivar Sagemo.


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