AIMS for BizTalk version 4 to launch October 5

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AIMS for BizTalk version 4 launching on October 5 

Core focus of this release is our new GUI, but there are a bunch of BizTalk monitoring improvements "under the hood" on the AIMS server & agent. These changes will become more visible to the users when new features are rolled out in coming releases of v4.x and further distance AIMS as the BizTalk monitoring tool of choice for business critical integrations.  

Release 4 will be available to AIMS SaaS clients automatically without any required client actions.  Clients with AIMS for BizTalk on-premise install need to upgrade their environment.

AIMS is now fully responsive on any device

AIMS for BizTalk fully responsive

Release 4 - New features:

  • New improved layout & navigation of GUI based on client feedback
  • Customizable dashboard - use the Analyzer to build your custom dashboard
  • Support for handheld devices
  • Analyzer additonal components
  • New proactive warning layout and structure
  • Scheduled alerts - don´t want to receive alerts during weekend? No problem

Release 4 - Improvements:

  • Improved response & load times
  • Improved navigation for bigger BizTalk environments
  • Faster search from top bar
  • Improved filters on events
  • Improved speed on searching events
  • Improved error filters / alert filtering
  • Support for multiple message boxes
  • BAM purge of AIMS data even if the agent is not running
  • APIs for end users - new APIs for input / output of the AIMS engine
  • Azure API - for upcoming Azure services support
  • Bug fixes - a bunch of bugs were harmed in the process of this release!

 Look out for a series of updates on features in the coming days and weeks!



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