AIMS for BizTalk version 4 is Fully Responsive on Any Device

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With the launch of AIMS for BizTalk version 4 we made the application fully responsive on any device you are using.  No matter if you access AIMS for BizTalk through your computer, pad or phone the application will be fully responsive to your device.

On smaller devices you will experience that AIMS for BIzTalk presents the usual responsive navigation menu as shown in the screenshot below (iPhone 5):



Benefits for you (on premise users will probably not have this access though) :

  • check out the status of your environment on any device from anywhere
  • go directly from hyperlinks in e-mail warnings, alerts and reports into your environment 
  • easily navigate and understand your environment on any device

AIMS for BizTalk is available as on-premise install and as a SaaS application delivered from Azure.  


Larger devices will present the usual menu known to you from your computer screen but with a more compressed main pane. The below screenshot shows the Event page from iPad mini.





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