A day at AIMS Innovation

Posted by Hedda Farberg


This week I'm giving you a glimpse into daily life at AIMS Innovation and our head office in Oslo. We are four people situated here: CEO Ivar, CTO Marius, Development manager Alexey and I'm Hedda, marketing and communications coordinator. 

We always start the day with a morning meeting on Skype (as our BDD Badr is situated in London), where everyone explains their plans for the day and gives general updates. This usually involves someone complaining about having to do expense reports, and someone struggling with their internet connection. Depending on the day (and the internet connection), this meeting can last from anything between 10 minutes to one hour. On Mondays, we also have a developer status meeting, and once a month a marketing meeting. Mondays, in other words, are basically made up of meetings. Outside of that we can be found at our desks or running around to meetings elsewhere. I'll normally get the mail which usually includes weird packages to Alexey from China (He admitted he might be building a death star, and we might be allowed to put our logo on it). 
Regardless, we are always online. One of the things I quickly had to learn when I started working here, was that I can expect to hear the sound alert for a new message on the AIMS chat at any time of day or night. 

We are divided into two tea-drinkers (the neat desks with their own mugs) and two coffee-drinkers (the messy desks which are filled with stolen mugs from StartupLab (sorry about that, don't expect them back)). We also have a great view down into StartupLab where you can watch the occasional FIFA match going down.




 Behold, the coffee drinkers: Marius (front) and Ivar at the office


Of course, we have a trophy shelf. And not to forget our fleece vest "Nerd by birth, BizTalk by choice".

For next week, I have gotten the guys to share a little about how it is to work at AIMS, so make sure you subscribe to get all the latest updates from our blog!



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