5 Reasons You Need a Surface Pro 3

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If you’re like most modern, tech-savvy people, then you’ve probably also embraced tablet technology by now and are loving what it’s brought to your life. Tablets occupy a satisfying middle ground between the laptops we’ve all relied on for years and the now ubiquitous SmartPhone. However, there are no doubt still times when a standard tablet can’t do everything you wish it could.

That’s where the latest generation of mobile computing solutions comes in – solutions like the buzzworthy Surface Pro 3. The Surface Pro was created specifically to take the convenience of the tablets we all know and love to the next level in all the right ways… but is it the solution you’ve been looking for? Let’s take a closer look at what this innovative new option brings to the table and discuss why you’re really missing out if you don’t already have one.

1. A Keyboard You Can Really Work With

While many of us have at least kind of mastered the art of typing on a virtual tablet keyboard when and if we need to, it still doesn’t present a very satisfying solution for everyone. Those of us that do a lot of working or writing on our devices most likely still reach for our laptop and its traditional keyboard first when we know we’ll be doing a lot of typing. The Surface Pro 3 comes complete with just such a keyboard, so you no longer have to choose between the typing experience you prefer and the portability of a tablet.

2. Perfect Microsoft Compatibility

The Surface Pro 3 is actually produced by Microsoft, so you can rest absolutely assured that all the Microsoft technology and software you’ve come to trust will be fully compatible with your new mobile computer. You’ll never have to worry about whether or not the programs you want to adopt will work well with your device… ever.

3. Full Degree of Interaction

Thanks to the widespread adoption of touch screen tablets and SmartPhones, more and more people are beginning to see touch capability as an essential part of a modern interface. The Surface Pro 3 doesn’t just allow you to interact with your machine via a touch screen in every way you’d also expect to interact with your tablet or phone. You can bring the flexibility of a stylus into the mix as well, making the Surface Pro 3 a great option for creating art, generating analog-style signatures, and more.

4. Built-In Kickstand

If there’s one complaint an awful lot of people have about their tablets it’s that they have to rely on third party products if they want the functionality of a kickstand. The Surface Pro 3 not only comes with a kickstand included as part of its comprehensive design, but said kickstand is uniquely designed to compliment the exact design and functionality of this particular machine. It comes with a built-in type cover as well, so you only need to purchase a third party cover or case for your Surface if you really want to.

5. Multitask With Ease

Not every tablet makes it easy to multitask and that’s obviously a problem for anyone that needs to use theirs to get real work done. The Surface Pro 3 is equipped with Windows 8 – the comprehensive interface you most likely are already using on your laptop system – so multitasking in the way you’re already used to is a snap. And if you haven’t upgraded to Windows 8, it’s high time that you did and started taking advantage of the benefits.

As you can see, the Surface Pro 3 is more than just a great solution to mobile computing. It’s also our first taste of what the next generation of computers will likely look like. Experience it for yourself today!

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