SQL Monitoring

Save hours each day monitoring your SQL databases

AIMS SQL Performance Monitoring lets you automate monitoring and insight into the health and performance of your SQL databases to prevent problems instead of firefight.



Automatically monitor your Microsoft SQL Server for performance issues and errors

The agent installs in less than five minutes and AIMS will then automatically create baselines for a wide range of performance data. AIMS' powerful anomaly detection will pinpoint any issues and also show you how the rest of your SQL server is impacted.

If the Microsoft SQL Server agent is used in combination with any other AIMS agents, AIMS is able to cross-correlate performance issues and anomalies between the systems.



Spend more time delivering business value, less time on manual monitoring & reporting

Your current SQL monitoring probably relies on using scripts or traditional monitoring tools that relies on creation of alert scenarios and static thresholds.  Effectively you are prioritizing manual ongoing work in form of alert set-up / maintenance and triaging cry-wolf alerts over tasks that deliver business value.  With AIMS you can free up your time.  AIMS automates monitoring of your SQL databases through using machine learning to identify anomalies across the breadth and depths of your databases.  Using anomaly detection you will get early-warnings of performance problems which will allow you to resolve problems before the fire trucks arrive.


Resolve problems before disaster strikes

AIMS SQL monitoring is always on watch for you.  AIMS keeps an eye on all vital parts of your SQL databases 24/7 and identifies anomalies where humans fail.  Anomaly based alerts allow you to stop the cry-wolf alerts you are currently getting and save you time for triaging and gives you confidence to sleep at night.


The insight at your fingertips to easily answer any performance question

Understanding what is going on your SQL databases can be the differences between being a trusted employee or out of work.  Being able to answer question about what is going on in the SQL databases is hard without the right solution at hand.

AIMS allows you to create reports and dashboards leveraging all the performance data collected using intuitive components such as charts and tables.  Easily develop the reports you need for capacity planning, regular reporting or for performance analytics.  You can also subscribe people to your reports and make sure they get them at regular intervals to their e-mail.  AIMS lets you bridge the gap between the technical experts and management and create the trust that is needed to support business objectives.


The agent monitors 30+ parameters within the areas listed below and can be used for both stand-alone SQL monitoring or in a combined setup where the SQL server is supporting another application.

The AIMS Microsoft SQL Server agent monitor parameters and data within the following main areas:


Performance All Stored Procedures, Databases, Memory usage stats, CPU usage, I/O activities, server wait stats, historical blocking information, missing indexes and more
Health Logical disk volumes, database parameters (size, distribution, recovery model, logfile utilization + +), database sizes, error captures, maintenance plan jobs, scheduled jobs and more
OS build settings, SQL server settings and configuration, memory settings, CPU processor/parallelism settings, virtual page size and more
Accounts, remote servers, database and user rights including DBO