BizTalk Monitoring

360 degrees automated monitoring of all parameters on all BizTalk artifacts - out of the box - without any alert or threshold configuration. Real-time transaction tracing and latency monitoring down to individual ports and orchestrations & end-2-end through the complete value-chain.

BizTalk discovery with real-time dynamic maps that lets you navigate your system in real time – you can leave your paper documentation to collect dust. All other BizTalk monitoring tools are antiquated and relies on time-consuming and error-prone manual work – which sets you up for failure.



The BizTalk agent installs in 5 minutes and automatically starts creating the Topological process map and enables our self-learning algorithms for dynamic thresholds and anomaly detection. Analytics is available right away so you can start drilling into your messaging patterns and performance parameters even down to ports and orchestrations.

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The BizTalk agent has close to zero performance impact, it has been tested in the Microsoft test facilities in Detroit with over 450 messages per second with no visible impact.

There is no need to enable BizTalk Tracking or similar functionality, simply install the agent into your existing setup to enable all features. BizTalk 2009 and newer versions are supported.




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Reactive alerts

Get alerts about regular errors & status changes, apply powerful filters to control what is sent to your inbox, and schedule when you want to receive notifications



AIMS track changes to components, applications, start/stop, added comments, renaming and changes to pubsub (dynamic) messaging patterns

Custom thresholds

Set specific thresholds for already known situations to any parameter


Non-event alerts

AIMS also alert you if certain events do not occur when supposed to


Application Performance Index reported for your whole environment and individual processes


Lowest possible impact

Always-on functionality, no dependencies on tracking or BAM. Install to any BizTalk environment




AIMS is the only platform that will monitor ALL transactions on your ports and orchestrations in detail without enabling tracking or BAM on your BizTalk servers. And with close to zero impact!

Server parameters  CPU, memory, disk utilization (currently c:\), network, BizTalk spool
BizTalk hosts 
Active instances, database size, inbound latency, message delivery delay, message delivery incoming rate, message delivery
outgoing rate, message delivery throttling state, message publishing delay, message pusblishing throttling state, outbound latency, process memory usage, queue length, resident orchestrations, suspended messages
BizTalk ports &   
orchestration parameters
Message count, message delay, message volume per port / orchestration
BizTalk messaging patterns Message count, delay (end-to-end), message volume (size)
Schemas / Message Types Message count, delay, message volume (size)
Status monitoring Stopped & started notifications on BizTalk hosts, ports / receivelocations, orchestrations. Disconnect / reconnect notifications from agent
Changelog Logs changes on added / deleted components, added / deleted applications, messaging pattern changes, renaming of components
BizTalk Eventlog All events from the Application log